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PCE UPS SYSTEMS Inc. is a global supplier of a wide range power protection equipments and power quality solutions. PCE UPS SYSTEMS Inc. designs, manufactures, markets and provides services that help our clients understand their power protection needs. The company differentiates itself on several levels, but it is particularly known for its solutions approach to solving everyday power problems simply and efficiently. Drawing upon a vast array of resources and experience, PCE has earned a solid reputation that gives customers added confidence in their technology investments.




Modu8 15kVA-120kVA







Modu8 is one of the latest three-phase and on-line double conversion UPS for sensitive equipments. It supplies power from 15kVA to 120kVA and delivers the best combination of reliability, functionality, hot-swappable, and flexibility design. Modu8 is designed specifically for data centers, other large computer systems or great power demand equipments. As a result, this innovative and reliable power system absolutely commits to satisfy and meet the market requirements.

The Modu8 UPS can be configured to parallel redundancy, its modular design for 8 modules redundancy is a key of reliability and an ideal way to provide the highest quality on-line protection for mission critical installations from 15kVA to 120kVA. It also provides easy setup and optional external battery bank to extend battery runtime. That provides increased flexibility and reliability to maximum power, and it is very cost-effective to upgrade the system without a large investment.

PCE at Gitex 2011

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GITEX is among the world's top 3 ICT Exhibitions at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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